City of Elmhurst Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan


The new City of Elmhurst Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan (CEBPP) will guide the improvement of walking and biking in the community. It will determine where and how the City will create and improve infrastructure to make biking and walking safe, convenient and comfortable for all residents of Elmhurst. This website was created to help keep the public informed and to gather input for the plan.


What is a Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan?

A plan is a community-wide, consensus-building guide to inform future decision-making in the City. It involves gathering input from all voices of the community; outlines community goals and visions; provides recommendations for the built environment, programs and policies; and provides steps for implementing the recommendations. The final plan will be available for public comment throughout the project process and will be formally adopted by the City of Elmhurst.

This plan will specifically focus on improving transportation for pedestrians and cyclists. Walking and biking are great ways to get around in Elmhurst, with a vibrant downtown, the Metra Station, and access to the Prairie Path. This plan will ensure that all modes are safe, welcoming and convenient for all, including children, the elderly, and those with disabilities. By creating this plan, Elmhurst can build on its existing assets and create a healthier, more sustainable and active community. Learn more about the purpose, benefits, and timeline of the plan here.